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Micro-motor industry application diversification

Micro-motor industry application diversification

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Abstract: Under the strong promotion of national policies, the application fields of the micro-motor industry are more diversified, and the development prospects are also optimistic. In the future, the motor control system will play a greater role in the new round of changes.
Nowadays, intelligent micro-motor products have gradually penetrated into all walks of life, including home, automotive electronics and drones. More and more industries will enter the intelligent industry and will provide new development opportunities for the motor manufacturing industry. So, what level of micro-motor products can be called intelligent? What impact will micro-motor intelligentization bring to these industries? At the 5th Micro-Motor Symposium hosted by Big Bit Information, the micro-motor world network reporter specializes. Interviewed the participating engineers on these issues.


Diversified applications in the micro-motor industry
Internet of Things makes micro-motors intelligent
With the development and application of power electronics technology, computer technology, microelectronic technology and control theory, the application fields of micro-motors are increasingly widespread. It is reported that the international advanced motor system has integrated functions such as diagnosis, protection, control and communication, which can realize self-diagnosis, self-protection, self-speed regulation and remote control of the motor system. This is the intelligence of the micro-motor.
China's equipment manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of high, precise and sharp, industrialization and informationization, and micro-motors are gradually becoming intelligent. In order to achieve high quality, high efficiency and low cost operation, micro-motors are connected with computers, motor controllers, power converters, sensors and other aspects under various working conditions. Thus, micro-motors are not a component-level implementation. The organization is a complete mechatronic system that can perform the intended functions.
Because the control system is an important part of the micro-motor system, it is also the basis for its realization of the Internet of Things. Therefore, the future motor control system will play a greater role in the new round of changes. This is the industry's general view of the intelligentization of micro-motors. Then, how do motor control chip manufacturers as an important part of the micro-motor intelligentization look?
Wu Meifei, manager of Silan Microelectronics, said in an interview: "In fact, as far as we are concerned, the most basic intelligent control of micro-motors is to adapt the chip module system, including temperature sensing, to adjust the internal motor. Parameters, to maximize the efficiency, flexibility and stability of the motor." This is one of the requirements for intelligent control of micro-motors.
The development of Internet of Things technology puts more demands on the communication function of micro-motor products. Some people believe that the Internet of Things will promote new technological changes in the micro-motor industry. Because through the Internet of Things technology, both domestic appliances and complex industrial motors will have higher efficiency, and can also realize remote management of the system and interconnection of terminal nodes. In this regard, the senior FAE Jun Jun of Corewang Microelectronics believes: "The Internet of Things is indeed the best time to realize the intelligent control of micro-motors. For the motor control chip, the intelligent master chip must have a communication interface, which is more in line with Easy to operate."
Lu Hao, an application engineer at MPS, agrees that he believes that in IoT applications, micro-motor systems need to continue to optimize power control. Moreover, ensuring high reliability requires the participation of the motor, control chip and system design. The high performance of the system requires the motor and control to have relevant characteristics. With the development and maturity of the industrial chain, the intelligentization of the micro-motor will achieve great development. For the IoT needs of micro-motor companies, many manufacturers have released controllers that focus on motor control to provide safe and reliable embedded processing solutions for the future Internet.
In an interview with Micromotor World, Freescale's senior engineer Fan Xiaobin proposed that reliability should be enhanced in the process of intelligent motor control. Whether in any complex environment, it is necessary to keep the motor control stable when it is disturbed, which is the standard for the reliability of the control system.
Intelligentization makes the micro-motor application field more
Previously, Mr. Chang Tao, the marketing and marketing department of the Asia-Pacific region's motor and power control industry, said in an interview that intelligence and networking will become the core development trend of the motor control industry and the entire industrial automation market. Because in recent years, the motor control market has a global value of more than 25 billion US dollars, and shows a strong growth trend, network communication and intelligence is the specific embodiment of the current development of motor control technology.
Through the Internet of Things technology, both home appliances and complex industrial motors will have higher efficiency, enabling remote management of systems and interconnection of terminal nodes. Looking at the needs of international and domestic market development, the market prospects of intelligent micro-motors are more broadly driven by the communications market, computer market, automobile market and consumer electronics market.
MPS application engineer Lu Hao said in an interview: "MPS is a high-tech chip factory. In recent years, it has attached great importance to the investment of motor control and driver chips. We can see that the motor control and driver chip market is growing and developing rapidly. Among them, this process benefits from the transformation of traditional industries such as industrial automation, smart homes, drones and emerging industries, and the development of these industries will last for quite a long time. Different from the 'spike' of the previous LED, micro The motor control and driver chip require the chip factory to have very high hard power, and the small manufacturer can no longer act as a spoiler. So I expect this market to be a long-term stable development and stronger trend."
Fan Xiaobin is also very optimistic about the market prospect of intelligent micro-motors when he is interviewed by Micromotor World. He revealed that Freescale's automotive motor control development solution has formed a complete development kit. With the support of software and hardware, users can quickly Prototypes for motor control applications can be evaluated without waiting for the final hardware design to complete. Fan Xiaobin also said: "Ordinary motor control system can only be used as motor control, but through the Internet of Things, it can control household appliances and realize intelligent control through mobile phones or other devices. So in terms of home appliances and automobiles, micro-motors The prospect of intelligence is very worth looking forward to."
In addition to automobiles and home appliances, drones are also an important application area for the intelligentization of micro-motors. Zhang Ke, the project director of the Rainbow Eagle UAV Research Institute, believes that the degree of motor intelligence depends on the requirements of the industry. For example, the intelligentization of motors for robots and drones is very important for the intelligence of micro-motors. He expressed the hope that upstream manufacturers can provide products with high efficiency and energy saving while achieving intelligent control, but this is difficult. Many manufacturers have introduced energy-efficient motor control solutions, but in practical applications, they must solve energy-efficient and energy-saving applications. The combination of intelligence is a very difficult problem.
Intelligent needs to be constantly improved
If we only look at the micro-motor itself, there are some gaps in the performance of domestic motors in terms of performance, such as stability and accuracy. This is beyond doubt. Because semiconductor is the foundation of the micro-motor industry, its main technology is still abroad. Therefore, the development of domestic micro-motors is still restricted by foreign countries. Due to the constraints of the semiconductor industry, China's micro-motor intelligentization cannot be accomplished overnight.
There is a view that the service field of intelligent electric machines is very extensive now, and it is also one of the important equipments in the electromechanical industry. Intelligent micro-motors should be able to be better developed. The future motor world is still controlled by intelligent motors. Motor manufacturers should take this opportunity to accelerate the process of intelligence, thereby expanding their market share and promoting the development of the motor industry.
However, Ken Li, the head of R&D at Zhichuang Motor, disagreed with this view. He said in an interview with Micromotor World Network: "With regard to the intelligentization of micro-motors, I think that motor control should only do what is needed for motor control. And intelligence should be a higher level thing, I don't recommend adding too much intelligent things to the motor control. The focus of the motor control manufacturer is how to make the motor more stable, more accurate, how to respond To be faster, we must first make this foundation a good job."
Philip believes that making micro-motors smart is not a matter of micro-motors. What the industry needs to do is to make micro-motor control better. When the micro-motor control application is applied, then we can provide you with good support. If it is intelligent, it is an application thing. It should be considered by people in the application field, and we can do micro-motor control.
Wu Meifei puts forward the idea that micro-motor intelligentization is closely related to the entire industrial chain. He said that although domestic intelligence has not yet reached the requirements of intelligence, the market is now in a process of rapid rise, and micro-motor competition is an industry chain competition. Under this general trend, in addition to ensuring the basic performance of micro-motors, all enterprises in the industrial chain are still facing transformation and development, especially as micro-motor control manufacturers, but also to seize the rare opportunities. The transformation of micro-motors from traditional to intelligent is the trend of the times. This is a big change, and there must be risks. Whether the transformation can be successful or not, and whether the product can be accepted by users is an important issue that needs to be continuously explored and constantly improved in the industry for some time to come.
(Source: Micromotor World Network)