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China Micro Motor Network Exhibition 2012 Guangzhou International Micro Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition

2012-06-16 17:29

China Micro Motor Network will participate in the 2012 China (Guangzhou) International Micro Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition, sponsored by China Electronics Society, China Electronic Materials Industry Association and Zhenwei Exhibition Group, and hosted by Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition will be held in Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Commodities Fair from September 20 to September 22, 2012.

China (Guangzhou) International Micro Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition, as an industry event focusing on the field of micro motor and magnetic materials, will effectively rely on its natural advantages in the industrial agglomeration area to build a convenient, efficient, communication and mutually beneficial "bridge" for exhibitors, visitors and buyers, provide a one-stop supply and marketing platform, and promote the rapid growth of the electronics industry.

The products on display in this exhibition include all kinds of micro-special motors, motor control systems and devices, manufacturing equipment, testing instruments and equipment, supporting products, all kinds of power supplies, electrical drives, automation equipment, magnetic materials and other related fields. Each product has complete information, which is convenient for visitors to understand, communicate and purchase.

China Micromotor Network has also been invited by this exhibition, and will cooperate with China Motor Network participate in the publicity and promotion of this exhibition with a warm attitude. Since its establishment, China Electric Network has been trusted and supported by the majority of enterprise customers. With professional network technicians and a huge information collection team, the website provides enterprise customers with the freshest and most reliable first-hand business information. At the same time, it promotes and publicizes the enterprise, enhances the popularity of the enterprise, obtains customers in different fields, shortens the communication distance between the enterprise and the enterprise, and seeks common development.

This exhibition will be strongly supported by China Electric Network. At the same time, China Electric Network hopes to get to know more people in the industry through this exhibition. Through communication with many enterprises, it will constantly improve itself, promote itself, and encourage itself to join hands with Chinese electric industry enterprises to create a bright future for the industry. Here, China Electric Network wishes 2012 China (Guangzhou) International Micro and Special Motors and Magnetic Materials Exhibition a smooth and complete success!

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