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The development of large but not strong micro-motor industry

The development of large but not strong micro-motor industry

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Recently, the Micro-Electrical Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association released the economic data of the micro-motor industry last year. The data shows that the industry's total industrial output value, sales revenue, total profit and other indicators have maintained a large increase, China has become the world's largest micro-motor manufacturing base.
Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd., Zhangqiu Haier Motor Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Dayang Electric Co., Ltd. and other domestic enterprises with considerable scale and strength have already had strong comprehensive strength and good management through the transformation of operating mechanism and innovative management system. Brand awareness. In recent years, many companies have invested a large amount of money in technological transformation, introducing advanced foreign manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, and improving the quality and stability of products. New product development capabilities have been greatly improved, and mass production capacity has been formed.
Market size is expanding rapidly
The association learned from authoritative organizations that last year 772 micro-motor manufacturing enterprises employed more than 200,000 people, with a total industrial output value of 67.464 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.04; sales revenue of 65.13 billion yuan, an increase of 28.23; an export delivery value of 24.806 billion yuan. The year-on-year growth rate was 13.97; the sales rate of industrial products reached 96.54, the output rate of new products was 10.02, the export delivery rate was 38.09, the industrial added value was 25.07, and the total asset profit rate reached 6.74. Among them, there are 104 loss-making enterprises, with a loss of 13.47 and a loss of 233 million.
According to the information provided by the General Administration of Customs, the number of imported micro-motors reached 1.87 million units, an increase of 8.96 year-on-year; the total amount reached 864 million US dollars, an increase of 16.27. The number of exports reached 177.23 million units, a year-on-year increase of 25.46; the total amount reached 2.24 billion US dollars, an increase of 41.99.
From the perspective of the location of micro-motor enterprises, the development of coastal enterprises with strong market demand and export advantages is particularly rapid; most enterprises are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim.
The micro-motor enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region mainly use various types of micro-motors in the production of information networks, audio-visual fields, home appliances, and industrial fields. Most of them are brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors, single-phase asynchronous motors, and plastic-sealed motors. The total amount of products accounts for 10 of the world's similar products.
The Yangtze River Delta region is the most concentrated area for producing micro-motors, supporting components and permanent magnet materials for motors in China, and the industrialization supporting capacity is gradually becoming mature.
At present, with the transfer of the international micro-motor market to the domestic market, foreign-funded enterprises are still the mainstay of the domestic micro-motor industry. For example, Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. is the world's largest micro-motor manufacturer with an annual production capacity of 2 billion units. Johnson Electric has a global leading position in the field of micro-motors and drive subsystems. It produces 3 million motors and actuators per day, with an annual production capacity of more than 1 billion units, of which 50 are automotive micro-motors.
In addition, the micro-motor industry in Taiwan has also made great progress. The products have evolved from brushed motors to brushless spindle motors, precision stepper motors, precision servo motors, etc., and their manufacturing equipment and test instruments for micro-motors are also relatively High level.
Technology is at the low end
From the current development trend of the industry, it has market competitiveness in terms of industrial support and comprehensive production capacity, but the technical level is still far behind that of industrial developed countries.
Experts said that there are many micro-motor manufacturers in China, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. They are not economies of scale, and the products lack technical content, the competitiveness is weak, and the product quality is uneven. In general, most companies are still at a low level in terms of production scale and product development.