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Environmental Protection

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The Safety Management

The Safety Management

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• Histren Motor takes "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management" as the factory's safety management policy, and has
  formulated strict safety management rules and regulations, adhering to the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible", and
  regularly checking safety hidden dangers and avoiding emergencies.
• Established the safety production management system with the general manager as the main responsible person, took safety management
  as a system engineering, decomposed from top to bottom and implemented from top to bottom, formed an all-around and three-dimensional
  management mode, and realized the full and dynamic nature of safety management.
• Set up the factory safety education training plan, strengthen the training and learning of employees on safety laws and regulations,
  safety production management system, standard operating procedures, etc., and improve employees' awareness of safety responsibility
  and risk prevention ability.
• Strengthen the safety supervision of production workshops, warehouses and other places, rectify the non-conformance points of
  all equipment, improve the safety production conditions and ensure the safety production level.