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Environmental Protection

Histren Motors Are Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmental Management Organization Chart

Environmental Management Organization Chart

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     Histren Motor implements the environmental management mode that all employees participate in, and promotes environmental protection activities from top to bottom. The chairman /general manager holds the position of environmental management, and is responsible for the review of the policies, systems and conformity of environmental management. The environmental management committee is comprised of the chairman, who is the environmental management representative, and general managers of each department. They confirm and evaluate the overall environmental management performance of the enterprise regularly through meetings, analyze and discuss the deficiencies, and puts forward improvement measures and implementation methods. Special personnel are appointed to collect the latest legal environmental requirements and hazardous substance control requirements regularly into the company's environmental management system.


Each department establishes the environmental management organization and designates the responsible person, closely combines the function of the department with the environmental protection to carry out the business, causes each department activity to be in the enterprise environment management request and the scope. The minister of quality management shall be responsible for the implementation of environmental management, and shall regularly confirm the progress of the work to those responsible for the environmental management organization of all departments, and confirm and urge the improvement of the deficiencies. At the same time, expand the information sharing and collaboration effect between the enterprise and each supplier, make concerted efforts to manufacture and provide environmental protection technology and green products that meet the requirements of customers and the market.


      The environmental management organization structure of constant force motor is as follows: