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Environmental Protection

Histren Motors Are Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmental Protection and Activities

Environmental Protection and Activities

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Specific measures for environmental protection
Targeting the true "green product"
Hengli Motor not only manufactures green products that meet environmental protection requirements, but also considers and develops products from product development, manufacturing, quality control, and logistics sales. Corporate activities, seeking to reduce environmental load and protect human limited resources, this is the true meaning of "making green products." The specific countermeasures include the following aspects.
Compliance with Environmental Protection Directives and Standards
As stated in Hengli Motor's environmental policy, we comply with environmental laws and regulations and international directives to reduce and avoid environmental pollution. We attach great importance to and comply with environmental directives such as Europe, and fully consider the standards that exports to the country and customers, and strictly control the compliance of the company.
Environmental protection activities in the production process
Henli Motor's environmental protection measures are not only for the production and assembly of motor parts, but also reduce or avoid the use of environmental load chemicals during the manufacturing process, and save energy in machinery and equipment. We are also actively promoting various corporate activities that reduce environmental impacts, such as saving electricity and improving employee productivity.
Protection against noise and air pollution
Hengli Motor implements anti-noise measures in strict accordance with environmental laws and regulations. For noise machines and air compressors with high noise, actively carry out renovations, and install anti-speakers and other equipment when necessary to prevent noise from spreading.
Designate and implement pollution source control management rules and regulations, innovate technology, improve processes, seek zero emissions of air pollutants, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Green Procurement, Energy Saving
Hengli Motor strictly follows the laws, regulations and customer requirements when purchasing parts and materials for motors, and prioritizes parts that do not cause environmental impact. Parts and production materials required by ISO14001 environmental management.
At the same time, saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions during corporate activities is an important part of Hengli Motor's environmental protection activities. The company consumes little water in the motor manufacturing process, but we are still actively taking measures to adhere to repeated or recycled water and comply with zero sewage discharge standards. Incorporate energy-saving gas into daily management, recycle and recycle waste products, and minimize resource and energy consumption.