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Environmental Protection

Histren Motors Are Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

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With the improvement of global environmental awareness and environmental requirements, there are more and more environmental protection issues about motor/motor products. This requires us to meet not only the laws and regulations of our country and the management standards set by customers, but also the special standards of the region and country where the products are used and relevant international standards. Therefore, environmental management is also an important content of the business policy and development strategy of the enterprise. This is not only a social objective demand, but also a social component of enterprises must assume responsibility and fulfill obligations.




Histren Motor focuses on environmental protection and harmonious social development, engages in corporate activities that do not sacrifice social environment and human health, and actively establishes, improves and implements environmental management system to achieve the goal of sustainable development.


1.  Abide by environmental laws, regulations and international directives, reduce and avoid environmental pollution, continuously grasp the impact of company activities on the environment, and conduct independent management in accordance with environmental management standards.


2.  Improve the process technology, avoid the use of environmental load materials, select suppliers according to green procurement standards and environmental management requirements and conduct supervision and management.


3.  Pay attention to and save energy, recycle and reuse old material waste, and recycle industrial waste by the organization with national environmental protection qualification certification.


4. Conduct environmental protection education for all employees of the company, improve environmental awareness, closely combine environmental protection

    with specific work posts and functional requirements, and implement it into every link of the company's activities, and make continuous improvement 

    to improve the overall environmental protection efficiency of the company.