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Environmental Protection

Social responsibility

Social responsibility


Focus on Employee Growth



Histren Motor adheres to the talent concept of “Talent resources are the first resource”, continuously absorbs talents, establishes and improves the employment mechanism, improves the employment standards and continuously optimizes the talent structure. At the same time, we pay attention to the growth of employees, provide opportunities for employees to continuously learn and develop, share the development results of the company with employees, and give employees the motivation and enthusiasm to work hard and continuously improve themselves. And through the recognition of advanced, reward contributions and various knowledge contests and cultural activities, inspires the staff's potential and the creativity, unceasingly gives the staff the growth aspect the concern.

Developing Corporate Welfare



Histren Motor has always been committed to giving employees comprehensive and thoughtful benefits, and constantly developing and improving the company's welfare system. There are regular occupational health checkups, holiday gifts or gifts, living allowances, transportation subsidies, and group trips, so that employees can feel the company's care for employees at all times. For employees who have problems in their lives due to physical or accidental conditions, the company will provide support as soon as possible to help employees return to normal work and life as soon as possible.

Pay Attention to Employee Health



Hitren Motor pays attention to the health of employees, holds regular health lectures, actively popularizes health knowledge, and continuously strengthens the occupational health management of employees, including improving the occupational safety and health management system, providing employees with working environments and conditions that meet occupational health requirements; Process reform and equipment transformation, using low-toxic or non-toxic raw materials to reduce or avoid health damage; improve the protection knowledge and consciousness of the employees on occupational diseases, use protective equipment and utensils correctly; strengthen the management of occupational disease prevention and control, and regularly carry out special positions for employees health check, establish and improve occupational health records and employee health monitoring files.

While constantly developing and creating benefits, Histren Motor always adheres to the basic principles of “compliance with laws and regulations, pollution prevention, energy saving and green motor”, and promotes society to a good direction by providing high-quality motor products and motion solutions. 

By expanding the scale of the company and the workforce, Histren Motor helps solve social employment problems, and fulfills its social responsibilities as a company. The company opened enterprises in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province and Dongguan, Guangdong province, respectively, to expand the factory and solve the livelihood problems of hundreds of people. The company has also formulated employment support policies for employees' relatives, supported employees' relatives to work, and further contributed to social harmony and stability. And strictly implement the concept of people-oriented and sustainable development, giving employees great care and help.


Employees are the most important and valuable resources of Histren Motor. It is the unshirkable responsibility of our company to provide employees with safe and comfortable working environment and continuous growth of career development platform. It mainly focuses on employee growth, developing corporate welfare and paying attention to employee health. These three aspects maximize employee care to maximize employee satisfaction and expand social contribution.

Social Employment and Employee Care