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The following from several aspects to talk about the difference between brush motor and brushless motor

2023-12-11 17:41

Scope of application:
Brushless motor equipment can be used in: dairy industry, brewing industry, meat processing industry, bean products processing industry, beverage processing industry, pastry processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic factory, and other dust-free workshops with higher requirements, such as brushless motor (DIHOUR) hand dryers produced by Dior Electric Appliance, which are widely used in factories.
Carbon brush motor: can only be applied to all kinds of toilets and other areas where the requirements are not too high, but dust-free workshops and explosion-proof workshops cannot be used!
Service life:
Brushless motor: can work continuously for about 20000 hours, and the conventional service life is 7-10 years.
Carbon brush motor: can work continuously for about 5000 hours, the conventional service life of 2-3 years.
Use effect:
Brushless motor: running at a high speed of 90-95 m/s, the actual effect can reach 5-7s dry hand time.
Carbon brush motor: running speed and dry hand time is much lower than brushless motor.
Energy saving:
Relatively speaking, the power consumption of the brushless motor is only 1/3 of the carbon brush.
Future maintenance
After the carbon brush motor is worn, not only the carbon brush is replaced, but also the accessories around the motor such as the rotating teeth are replaced, which is much more expensive. The main thing is that the overall function will be affected.

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