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2023-12-11 17:39

Brushed motor
It is selected by most domestic electric bicycle manufacturers. It uses carbon brushes as the two contacts of the motor power supply. It is controlled by the speed control handle and the controller. It can achieve electric bicycles 0-20 through gear secondary reduction and overrunning clutch. Km/h stepless speed regulation. The brushed high-speed motor has high gold content, strong strength, good wear resistance and reasonable design of the motor reduction gear, so the repair rate is low. Moreover, the cost of repairing and replacing gears and motors is less, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost of electric bicycles. And the brush motor can realize easy human riding by overrunning the clutch and flywheel. Brush motor is the use of brush mechanical commutation!
brushless motor
The electric bicycle manufacturers generally use brushless toothless motors. The cost of its speed control system is higher than that of a brushed high-speed motor, and the controller is prone to failure during use. An electric bicycle equipped with a brushless motor must travel at a speed of 35 km/h or more to give full play to its work efficiency, but we know that electric bicycles are managed as non-motor vehicles, and the speed must be below 20 km/h, so brushless motors The selection of electric bicycles reduces work efficiency, and the desirability is not strong. The main point that it is adopted is the low noise. Brushless motor is the use of electronic circuit commutation! There is a detection element to detect polarity!

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