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Removal and installation of DC motor

2023-12-11 17:33

Before disassembly, the whole machine shall be inspected, familiar with the relevant conditions of the whole machine, make relevant records, and make full preparations for construction. The removal steps are as follows:

① Remove all wiring of the motor, and make reset mark and record at the same time.

② Remove the end cover bolts of the commutator end and the bolts of the bearing cover, and remove the bearing cover.

③ Open the openable window of the end cover, take out the brush from each brush holder, then remove the connecting wire connected to the brush rod, and mark the reset of the brush and the connecting wire.

④ Remove the end cover at the commutator end. When disassembling, mark the joint of the end cover and the machine base with a reset mark, then pad the edge of the end cover with a wooden wedge, and use a hammer to beat evenly along the edge of the end cover, so that the end cover stop slowly disengages the machine base and the outer ring of the bearing. Remember the position of the brush holder, and then remove the brush holder.

⑤ Wrap the commutator with thick kraft paper or cloth to keep it clean and prevent injury caused by collision.

⑥ Remove the end cover screw at the protruding end of the shaft, and carefully pull out or lift the armature together with the end cover from the stator. During operation, the winding, iron core and insulation shall be prevented from being scratched.

⑦ Place the armature with the end cover on the prepared wooden frame and wrap it with thick paper.

⑧ Remove the bearing cover screw at the shaft extension end, and remove the bearing outer cover and end cover. The bearing only needs to be removed and replaced when it is damaged, and it should not be disassembled under normal circumstances.

The assembly steps of the motor shall be carried out in the reverse order of disassembly. During the operation, all parts shall be reset according to the reset mark and record; when assembling the brush holder and electric brush, it shall be more careful.

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