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The Solution of Brushless Motor Temperature Too High

2023-12-11 17:29

Brushless motor is a motor body and driver, but also a mechanical and electrical products. What are the reasons why the temperature is too high when it is used? The following is a small series of finishing:

1. The power supply voltage is high, exceeding 10% of the rated voltage of the motor, causing iron loss and heating of the motor

2. The power supply voltage is too low, lower than 5% of the rated voltage of the motor, brushless motor, the rated load operation will heat up, the solution is to adjust the level of the transformer tap changer, the power supply voltage is adjusted to the normal range.

3. Three-phase power supply voltage imbalance, phase-to-phase voltage imbalance of more than 5%, resulting in three-phase current imbalance, so that the motor heat.

4. Open circuit operation of brushless motor

5. Heavy load, should reduce the load or replace the appropriate capacity of the motor.

6. Brushless motors start too often.

7. Mechanical load is fault.

The brushless motor photoelectric position sensor is equipped with a photoelectric sensor at a certain position on the stator assembly, the rotor is equipped with a light shield, and the light source is a small bulb. When the rotor rotates, due to the effect of the light shielding plate, the photosensitive element device on the stator will intermittently generate a pulse signal of a certain frequency.

Through these descriptions, I believe that everyone has a deeper and deeper understanding of the brushless motor. When it is running, the friction is greatly reduced, the operation is smooth, and the noise will be much lower.

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